Just wanted to share some reflections I’ve been having from seeing how hard so many of my beautiful readers are on themselves.

Just so you know, I like you just the way YOU are. Seriously, don’t ever feel that you have to be “like” anyone else to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU.

The best of you is like the best of me – unique, doing her best, and perfectly imperfect – aka #flawsome❤️

Even though you wouldn’t know if from external appearances now, it took me YEARS to accept my body.

And even longer to love it.

This vessel of awesomeness that has climbed mountains, comforted friends, survived motorcycle crashes, swum with dolphins in the Red Sea and carried me for over 42 years.

I refuse to waste any more time not being absolutely in love with the person I’ve had the longest relationship of my life with.

I accept myself, I support myself, I am forgiving of myself, I take responsibility for myself.