You are a Peaceful Warrior

You know….sometimes life doesn’t give you what you think you want.

Not because you don’t deserve it…

…..but because you deserve MORE.

How many times have I felt beaten by life because I didn’t get “the job” “the guy” “the recognition” “the apartment” “the loan” or whatever “it” was – and not too far down the road I got something better.

It’s hard to know why things happen when they don’t seem to be going our way, but trust that it’s all happening FOR you, not TO you and stay open, don’t blame yourself or beat yourself up.

Life isn’t like Amazon Prime, it isn’t guaranteed 2-day shipping so sometimes we just need to be more patient.

One of my favorite all time quotes comes from the late, great Steve Jobs, who said –

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward, only looking backwards.”

In this present moment you and I are sharing right now as you read these words, we both have 2 ways to see things.

We can see everything that’s wrong and feel anxious, stressed, sad or angry, which actually blocks us from being able to go after what we want with as much power and clarity as we’ll need…

….Or we can focus on everything that we have and what’s right, and feel grateful, peaceful, present.

From that presence we can create powerful, meaningful action to get what we want.

Being peaceful doesn’t mean we put down our sword and stop fighting for what we want, on the contrary.

A peaceful warrior swings her sword with precision, and doesn’t waste her energy flailing around angrily hacking at weeds.

Be a peaceful warrior.

Focus on the good and know you are exactly where you should be, and have everything inside that you need to get where you want to go. ❤️